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Do you like scary things?

Growing up, I loved the weekend TV show Tales from the Darkside* and movies like April Fool’s Day (sadly, only available on VHS).


I like roller coasters and haunted houses and jumping off cliffs sometimes. If you need a friend to see a scary movie with you, I’m your girl. Most of my friends hate scary movies, it seems, so I guess it’s another way I’m weird.

The reason I’m telling you these things is to point out that I should have been watching The Fall for some time now. It’s suspenseful even though you know from the start who the bad guy is. It’s creepy. And I love it.

Jamie Dornan

Try not to hold that whole Fifty Shades thing against The Fall star, Jamie Dornan. Costar Gillian Anderson is excellent in her role and her wardrobe, while subtle, is enviable.

But, typical me, I was late to the party.

Season 3 is filming now and will air in late 2016 (so I hear). There’s time to catch up. Lots of it actually – I got through seasons 1 and 2 in less than 48 hours.

Have you watched The Fall? Let’s talk!

*The cast features lots of familiar names. OMG it’s on Amazon. I might have to buy it!

Actors, their parents and nudity

Watching Orange is the New Black, I couldn’t help but think “do the actors’ parents watch?”

I assume that if you’re Taylor Schilling or Laura Prepon, you’re so excited to be doing quality work on a well-written project like OITNB that it’s not your first concern. But then you’re shooting a shower scene, and both of you are topless. Then what?

It depends on the family, obviously, but with my parents, I just cringe thinking about nudity. Sometimes it inhibits what I write too.

How crummy to try to make it in television and film–with or without the support of family–only to get cast but have reservations about said family seeing your complete work!

Amanda Seyfried, who is currently promoting her film Lovelace, had this to say in US Weekly.

AmandaWhat do you think? If you were an actor, how would you deal?

I can relate.

Orange is the New Black

I signed back up for Netflix for two four reasons.

First, I have never seen Breaking Bad. Not a single episode.

Second, I missed all of New Girl’s second season.

Third, Arrested Development (duh).

Fourth, it was free (at least for a month).

Instead of doing any of the first three, I have instead become completely hooked on the Netflix original show, Orange is the New Black.

Property of Jill Greenberg

I’m kind of surprised I am so committed to the show, given that I watch it on my iPad with headphones and have to tune everything else out.

My usual MO is Passive TV Viewing (PTV): the TV is on in the background and I look up from whatever else I’m doing now and then. Law & Order marathons are perfect for this mode.

But Orange demands my full attention.

I love the way the show jumps around, weaving together the inmates’ current circumstances with how they got to prison.

Orange also powerfully demonstrates the alternating reality (so far as I can tell, having never gone to jail) of forming alliances but never feeling completely safe. The rules are different in prison and the ‘right’ answer isn’t always clear. Race and class also play huge roles in the plot.

The characters are wild. My favorite is probably Red, but Crazy Eyes Sue is, ahem, notable too. Laura Prepon of That 70s Show fame is super-sexy as Piper’s ex-girlfriend, and the reason Piper is in this predicament in the first place.

Of course, the hilarious tweeter Jason Biggs plays Piper’s fiance on the outside Larry. The real life Larry wrote this for the NY Times Modern Love column.

My only complaint is that because all first season episodes are available at once, watching Orange is a less social event than, say, Scandal or Bachelorette. This show would be even more amazing watching collectively, in my opinion.

Orange is based on a memoir by Piper Kerman of the same name. I have to imagine that book sales are suddenly booming.

Ode to Jordan Catalano or my ongoing longing for a My So-Called Life reunion

It ended too soon. I have never heard anyone say otherwise about My So-Called Life.

But by only lasting one perfect season – just nineteen awesome episodes – MSCL* never overstayed its welcome. It left fans wanting more, and also with so many questions.

Among them:

Did Jordan become Angela’s boyfriend? If so, how confusing was the sex, how quickly did she outgrow him and how long did it take her to act on that?

When did Rayanne make her first trip to rehab?

Did Brian Krakow marry Angela’s little sister Danielle or Sharon, and did he do so before or after becoming a tech billionaire?

Did Angela’s dad ditch her mom for Hallie Lowenthal?

Did Tino ever show up? He owns a mega-club in Vegas now, right?

Is Rickie happy, wherever he is? I hope so.

Is this picture Claire and Jared as @nymag portrayed or really Angela and Jordan?

Via NYMag.com

My So-Called Life is actually how I first learned about fan fiction.


At Pies & Thighs for brunch with @mfeige recently, we talked about how Claire Danes as Angela was great practice for her Carrie cry face on Homeland. The conversation turned to Rickie Vasquez aka Wilson Cruz and when I got home, I was sure to look him up to see what he’s doing.

The answer is disappointing. Unfortunately a lot of MSCL alumni haven’t found consistent work. Mary Kay Place is a notable exception and of course, Jeff Perry (aka Mr. Katimski) is Cyrus on Scandal.

There is, however, a television festival in Austin coming up that will have a My So-Called Life panel moderated by the lovely Robyn Ross. Wilson Cruz is participating. Who wants to meet me there?

Maybe Netflix could commission a reunion Arrested Development-style? I’ll initiate a Kickstarter. Tomorrow.

*Haven’t seen MSCL? You can watch each episode on Hulu. Please do it so that I have more people with whom to discuss it.