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Sometimes a girl needs a cheap massage

Recently I have been under an unusually high level of stress. Obviously.

The morning after Arte Agave, I woke up not hungover, but sore.

My guess is that after fifteen margaritas (I exaggerate) and tequila punches, I slept in an unmoving heap for eight plus hours. Ouch. My neck, my back, etc. Continue reading

Orange is the New Black

I signed back up for Netflix for two four reasons.

First, I have never seen Breaking Bad. Not a single episode.

Second, I missed all of New Girl’s second season.

Third, Arrested Development (duh).

Fourth, it was free (at least for a month).

Instead of doing any of the first three, I have instead become completely hooked on the Netflix original show, Orange is the New Black.

Property of Jill Greenberg

I’m kind of surprised I am so committed to the show, given that I watch it on my iPad with headphones and have to tune everything else out.

My usual MO is Passive TV Viewing (PTV): the TV is on in the background and I look up from whatever else I’m doing now and then. Law & Order marathons are perfect for this mode.

But Orange demands my full attention.

I love the way the show jumps around, weaving together the inmates’ current circumstances with how they got to prison.

Orange also powerfully demonstrates the alternating reality (so far as I can tell, having never gone to jail) of forming alliances but never feeling completely safe. The rules are different in prison and the ‘right’ answer isn’t always clear. Race and class also play huge roles in the plot.

The characters are wild. My favorite is probably Red, but Crazy Eyes Sue is, ahem, notable too. Laura Prepon of That 70s Show fame is super-sexy as Piper’s ex-girlfriend, and the reason Piper is in this predicament in the first place.

Of course, the hilarious tweeter Jason Biggs plays Piper’s fiance on the outside Larry. The real life Larry wrote this for the NY Times Modern Love column.

My only complaint is that because all first season episodes are available at once, watching Orange is a less social event than, say, Scandal or Bachelorette. This show would be even more amazing watching collectively, in my opinion.

Orange is based on a memoir by Piper Kerman of the same name. I have to imagine that book sales are suddenly booming.

Twitter Spotlight: Tina Cervasio

Update: Tina and her husband got two adorable kittens.

Since moving back to NYC, I have had the great fortune of connecting with some really impressive people who happen to also be kind and fun. Sports reporter¬†Tina Cervasio is one of those new friends and let me tell you: she’s a firecracker. I love her spark!


OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@TinaCervasio: he learns to see all my imperfections, and loves them as wholeheartedly as he loves me. Continue reading

My NYC To Do List – #14: See Orphans on Broadway

I don’t love musicals, but do enjoy dramas.

Note: dramas, not drama.

I wanted to see Orphans even before NYMag pointed out Tom Sturridge’s “Tony-Worthy Dimples.”

Via Broadway World

You believe me, right?

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Living in NYC: Walk-up Buildings

I often wonder if non-New Yorkers know how many of our buildings don’t have elevators. Once in a while, you’ll even find a seventh floor walk-up!


I noticed the buildings pictured recently on my way home from work and thought “Not all walk-ups are created equal.”

I’m grateful for my elevator. Some of these walk-ups aren’t even cheaper.

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I had dinner at Lucali the other night. It’s a special little restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.


Lucali serves pizza and calzones. That’s it. Take your pick.

lucali 2

Lucali is BYOB and cash only. Fortunately a member of our party brought a really enjoyable homemade red wine.

Lucali 3


For dessert, we had calzones filled with sweet ricotta, drizzled with nutella and dotted with sea salt.

Miami folks, Lucali recently opened a location there too.

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