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Good Food: Where I like to eat (and drink) in Manhattan

I have posted here and there about some of my favorite restaurants in NYC but never done a full dining guide, per se.

This also is not a dining guide – too overwhelming. Plus I’m a somewhat picky eater and not what anyone would call a food expert. It is decidedly not a trendy list–look elsewhere for that.

But I do have my favorites so here are some of them.

Best square pie

GG’s in the East Village. I just love this little spot. From its delicious pizza to its charming pressed tin ceiling to the always-fun playlists, GG’s is a go-to. And the cocktail list is terrific.


Best fried chicken

Root & Bone, it’s yours. I have never been disappointed. Plus the service is so thoughtful.

Best quick breakfast in Midtown Manhattan

Little Collins or Ground Central. I wish Little Collins were a bit more spacious, and I wish Ground Central were quieter, but both are gems in an area dominated by chains.

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The wonderful food of New York City

I had thought I might drop a few pounds after returning to NYC.

Walking everywhere! No more car commuting! Subway stairs!

Well, the joke is on me. I do walk a ton, but I forgot how easily accessible NYC’s wonderful food is. Not only is great food on most every corner, lots of it can be delivered right to my door. I can stuff myself silly without changing out of pajamas or taking a shower.

Hmm. Anyway!

Here’s a quick roundup of some of my early favorites, plus some oldies.

If you’re looking for a $100 breakfast for two (without drinks), Norma’s is the spot for you.

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