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Going naked for professional reasons

According to Business Insider, the design agency Sagmeister & Walsh has a history of featuring its staff in marketing material completely nude.

I confess: I cynically thought the nude employee photos would consist of one male boss, and twenty or thirty stunningly beautiful women. Mea Culpa.

While Business Insider initially ran the original images – which is to say fully nude S&W employees – they switched to blurred photos like the one below after receiving complaints. The firm’s web site made no such compromise.

Property of Sagmeister & Walsh / Mario de Armas

Property of Sagmeister & Walsh / Mario de Armas

While I was not offended, I also won’t be applying for a job there. I liked the photos quite a lot once my [silly] shock wore off.

Would you work there? Could you?

More backstory here.

Nude lips

It works for some. Great examples here via ImNotBarbie and below.


Not for all. Sadly, I’m in the Not camp. Without lip color, I look like a cadaver.

I asked makeup pro Raychel Wade for insights.

“I love a nude lip!  Personally it’s my favorite look.  And if fact, often times it can make you look more youthful.  I know that some people feel like a corpse with it on, so here’s a trick.  Pull your bottom lip out and match a lipstick the inside skin color of your lip.  Weird, I know.  But if you feel too pale in a true nude this will give you a close, natural option!”
I need to try this.  If you do, let me know in the comments how it goes.