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Twitter Spotlight: Aussa Lorens

One of my recent favorites on Twitter is Aussa Lorens. Her blog is terrific – wild and entertaining. But also thought-provoking. Give this post a read for starters.


OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@AussaLorens: Steadfastness, Humor, Compassion, and Ambition.

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I had dinner at Lucali the other night. It’s a special little restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.


Lucali serves pizza and calzones. That’s it. Take your pick.

lucali 2

Lucali is BYOB and cash only. Fortunately a member of our party brought a really enjoyable homemade red wine.

Lucali 3


For dessert, we had calzones filled with sweet ricotta, drizzled with nutella and dotted with sea salt.

Miami folks, Lucali recently opened a location there too.

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