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My weird obsession

You know I hate that word, obsessed. But I didn’t know how to give this post a catchy, make-you-want-to-read-it title without including obsession.

And it’s not an addiction like the TV show. I will never ever eat the stuffing of a couch cushion–promise.

My weird thing to do is this: when I see a tiny sink in a New York City restaurant, I take a picture, often with my free hand in the pic for scale.

Motorino, East Village

Motorino, East Village

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I get sick of things fast

Things get on my nerves. Specifically, I’m talking about word trends. Expressions.

Does that make me an irritable brat?  Perhaps.


Here’s a list of phrases I’d ban if I were the boss of everything.

  • I DIE. Because you didn’t. You’re still here and tweeting. I see you in my timeline–at least for now.
  • Rise and grind. On my grind. Anything grind unless you’re talking about coffee beans.

  • All of the… Give me ALL OF THE COFFEE. I have ALL OF THE FEELS. That.
  • I can’t. Even though sometimes there’s really no more applicable phrase.
  • Obsessed. You probably just really like it.
  • This _____ is everything. This cookie is everything. This picture is everything.
  • All the feels.
  • My ovaries are exploding. If that really happened, I think you’d be in far too much pain to tweet, right?

I realize that soon I will hate every word and phrase. The world might even fall silent. Is that such a bad thing?

What word or phrase would you ban?