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Via @BuzzFeed: The 22 Times Kristen Stewart Smiled In 2012

I expected to hate this post, but then I didn’t. Click here to read the whole feature.

Screen shot

The girl smiles plenty, OK?

Five things I’m jealous of right now

1. Kristen Stewart’s youthful good looks

2. …and her wardrobe. Nice work by fellow Cornell alumna Tara Swennen. I love this round-up from Fashion Court.

3. Anyone who has plans to go to this resort.

4. Shaun Robinson for managing to look like the also gorgeous Kerry Washington’s sister

5. This Sandy relief worker from Chicago who won the lottery.

Things I love about NYC: newstands

Forget People Magazine or your average body-angst mag like Cosmo.

Any obscure or foreign magazine you have ever hunted? They have it. These little stores that look like a dodgy bodega on the outside contain treasures within. OK, yes in a dodgy magazine shop full of scary porn, but you can work around that.

Jalouse with the stars of On the Road on the cover? Of course they have copies. Random art mags? That too.

I love you, New York.

Ann Curry, Cannes, China, boobs, butts, food and other stuff

Ann Curry is covering Cannes Film Festival for the Today Show. Quelle horreur! Someone please keep her away from On the Road and Cosmopolis.

Via Gawker

Just What’s Inside Those Breasts via NPR

If you didn’t Shape Up, you might settle up.

Celery: For the Love of God, Why?

Bon Appetit Grub Crawl. Looks cool (if pricey).

Can the world handle Kristen Stewart naked?

Updated to add these tweets.



I can’t be the only one who feels a bit of anxiety about On the Road, can I?

An early report* I read on OTR footage here (spoiler alert!) left me saying “Whoa.” The film will have to be close to perfect for this to work.

Sienna Miller (NSFW) has done full nudity although I don’t remember this getting any attention, at least here in the States. It doesn’t seem to have hurt her career — or helped it, for that matter.

* Granted it’s one report on raw footage not a finished film.

Your thoughts?