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I want a new (d)rug

Apologies to Huey Lewis.

As part of my ongoing effort to make a house an apartment a home, I bought a new rug (no drugs) via Joss & Main.

The rug I presently have in my bedroom used to be my living room rug in DC. It’s looking shabby. No amount of Resolve and vacuuming can make it look OK now.


My new rug is much brighter. Here is a picture of it in a room that is not mine. Continue reading

Peter Brady does what?!

I was searching Overstock for a new living room chair or small chaise when I came across this:

CK chair

As a Generation Xer, I hear Christopher Knight and immediately think Peter Brady. Can’t be the same Christopher Knight, right?

Wrong! Lo and behold, Christopher Knight doesn’t just have an ill-advised soul patch. He also has a furniture line.

CK edit

I’m still looking for the perfect chair.

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