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Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry pose like besties

This photo from the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards is interesting on its own. How did Kristen come to be sitting on Katy’s lap?

Via USMagazine.com

I don’t know her (obviously) but she doesn’t seem like a big lap sitter. Too much attention.

The pic becomes all the more interesting after watching this video from 2009.

Side note: I truly hope someone has educated Adrienne Bailon about the hurtful nature of the word “retarded.” Click here to learn more about the campaign to end the R word.

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Robert Pattinson: still not on Twitter

From the Orlando Sentinel:

It appears someone took over the account [@OSCaseyAnthony] during the weekend and changed passwords as well as the email account used to create it. For a while this week, 40,000 followers to OSCaseyAnthony saw a feed from someone claiming to be Robert Pattinson, the actor who plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie series.

More here.

Rob, it’s like you’re sucking on a tiny shvantz

Clearly Rob never saw the movie Crazy Stupid Love. Had he, he’d never drink from a straw again.

PS Crazy Stupid Love slithered its way onto my favorites list. Boom! Out of nowhere.