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Good bye, Summer of Suck

When I tell you that nothing good happened this summer, BELIEVE ME. I am not prone to exaggeration.


Well, OK. Sometimes, but not often.

Seriously, when the best thing to happen to a person all summer is a clear mammogram, that is a Bad Summer. Well, I did go to the Berkshires and California a few times.

But I’m still referring to this summer as the Summer of Suck for reasons you surely understand. In honor of the approaching autumnal equinox, here’s a look at the summer that was.

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Good riddance, Summer. Fall, please be kind.


Hopefully your weekend was better than mine

I woke up Friday with the start of a bad cold. At work, a friend gave me her “Wellness” supplement and told me to take all six at once.


I gulped them down and then Googled. Three is the recommended dose. Oops.

Spoiler: I’m still alive.

Saturday was worse so I missed brunch with the visiting Candace and a Halloween party with Eliza. Big bummer x 2.

Eliza loves Halloween. Check out her costume.

While I love my apartment, on a sunny weekend, it’s not the best place to be sick. So bright. I should invest in a sleep mask.

I watched a lot of Law & Order.

Make me jealous: tell me about your weekend. What’s your Halloween costume?

Five things that are great about Scranton

1. Memories. History.

2. Old Forge style pizza. Note: not all are actually in Old Forge. My personal favorites include Colarusso’s, Salerno’s and Armetta’s.

3. What constitutes ‘traffic’ and ‘lines’ makes me giggle. Parking is easy and on Black Friday, it was free downtown. When people complain, I want to show them city traffic and explain how it teaches patience but I bite my tongue. Usually.

4. Things are cheap.

5. Seeing family of course!

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I went to DC

I saw my friend get married.

Actually I didn’t. My flight was delayed. Twice. I made it to the reception though. This is the groom’s cake.

It was the biggest wedding gathering I have ever attended: about 500 people. The families went all out with the food.

And the music. The bride loves to dance.


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