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Fun fact about Thandie Newton

Actress Thandie Newton has given birth in her twenties, thirties and forties.

Via Daily Mail

Also, to state the obvious, I LOVE the pink dress she’s wearing in the picture.

There are few phrases I hate more than…

Push present.

If I ever found myself pregnant (and a dude were actually involved), I’d make it oh-so-clear from the point of conception that those words are never to be uttered around me or even about me.

Gifts to commemorate the momentous occasion are fine. I’ll take this. Just don’t ever, ever say push present.

P.S. I hope this cake was a joke.

Celebrity Baby Prediction: Kate Middleton

I feel weird calling her a “celebrity” but what’s my alternative?


In spite of this, I predict that the Duchess and future Queen will have…


A baby…

Via NY Daily News


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