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Did I Ever Tell You About the Night Prince Came to My Place?

Please enjoy this Prince story via my Twitter friend @mjjaaska.

Pinch A Pig Toe


Way way back in the day – I’m talking about 1992 or 1993 here – the impious entertainer Prince Rogers Nelsonhung out atmy studio apartment in Uptown Minneapolis. Here’s how it all went down:

First off, let me tell you I was not some psycho Prince stalker. I enjoyed “Purple Rain” and thought he was an engaging entertainer, butI wasn’t obsessed with the dude like many people were at the time. I did think it was cool that he lived in the same town I had moved to and wouldn’t mindit if I ran into him someday.

Anyappollonia,shortly after I turned 21 Prince’s club “Glam Slam” was all the rage here in Minneapolis. My best girl friend, L,and I would get all gussied up in our best “sluttyyet classy” outfitsand make the Glam Slamscene almost every weekend. There was a VIP area upstairs that we dreamed of visiting some day…

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Celebrity Baby Prediction: Kate Middleton

I feel weird calling her a “celebrity” but what’s my alternative?


In spite of this, I predict that the Duchess and future Queen will have…


A baby…

Via NY Daily News


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