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Five things I want to eat right now

B.E.C. quesadillas (or anything else from the new Xixa which is owned by the same people as the wonderful Traif). Note to @candacearm, it’s pronounced ‘shiksa.’

Butterscotch pudding at Puddin’. Or maybe the Caramel Macchiato. Or both!

Chorizo, sweet potato and kale chip hash@floridagirlindc managed to make kale look tempting to me.

A steak from Peter Luger. I’m so ashamed that I have been living nearby for this long without dining there. In my defense, the one time I tried (2pm on a weekend) it was packed.

More of this pizza. I’ll be begging Mom and Dad for a delivery from Scranton soon.


What are you hungry for?

In case you missed it

“Just Call Me Hipster Kryptonite” by Simone in Toronto. It gives you an idea of how I feel living in Williamsburg sometimes (even though I love it here).

Vintage ad for Mount Airy Lodge in Northeastern Pennsylvania. “All you have to bring is your love of everything.”

I need to go to Puddin‘ soon.

Time lapse video of a Dutch girl named Lotte. Birth to age twelve in two minutes!

NY Mag article on @lenadunham from March, just in case you need a nudge to check out the jaw dropping-ness of Girls on HBO. I love it.

Photo: Autumn De Wilde. Via NY Magazine.

I ate at Vermilion and didn’t think it was bad, and I ate at Isa without falling in love.