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These puppies made the long trip from Jeju Island to Brooklyn

My friends at PS9 Pets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (more about them here) are hosting a special event on Saturday to help find homes for puppies rescued from becoming food.

The pups – and their mums – are extraordinarily cute. Pics here.


I hate to miss it but I’ll be visiting Mom back home in the Scranton area.

Key learnings from Shiba Inu puppy cam

I’m assuming the world has tuned into Shiba Inu Puppy Cam at some point, but just in case you haven’t please click here N-O-W.

I have watched Puppy Cam far more than I should tell you, but at least I’m learning stuff.

First, puppies are often more entertaining than anything on TV, even when sleeping

Sorry, there’s puppy butt in ever screen shot I have taken

Also, I want a puppy  Continue reading

Frenchies at play – just for you, @blairdc

Today my neighborhood pet shop had a new batch of puppies on display. Two were Frenchies, the absolute favorite of @blairdc so I shot this little video of them desperate to play. The fat bellies are my favorite part.

I reluctantly admit it: French bulldogs are super cute*.

*Their breeding process is what makes me sad, ok?

Conversation with my mother. Bitchfacing involved.

The time: Sunday at noon. The place: Greenwich Village. The medium: a cell phone call.

[mid-conversation, completely out of nowhere]

Mom: You should get a dog.

Me: I’m allergic, Mom.*

Mom: Well, yeah.

Me: There’s that. And the fact that I travel a lot.

Mom: Hm.

*I have been aware of my allergy to cats since I was 11 and dogs since I was 12. I still lived at home then so she witnessed the results. There’s no denying she knows I’m severely allergic. She often suggests to Dad that they get a puppy, usually right after complaining that I don’t visit.

[don’t tell her that I totally stand outside NYC’s pet stores with cute puppies in their windows. It would undermine my bitchfacing her through the phone each time she annoys me.]