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Do you watch Masters of Sex?

My favorite new show is Masters of Sex on Showtime. Great characters based on actual human sexuality researchers Masters and Johnson, but with terrific actors and compelling [fictional] plots that reflect the times in which M&J were doing their groundbreaking studies.

Lizzy Caplan via onthedemo.com

In case you haven’t checked out this great show, here’s the trailer. Continue reading



Dakota Fanning’s print ad for Marc Jacobs has been rejected by the United Kingdom’s Ad Standards Authority.

The ad featuring Fanning, age seventeen, was deemed “Racy.”

My first reaction? Not racy, but “awkward” and “a little weird.”

When you add the caption “Oh, Lola!” the obvious connection to Lolita is made. Without it, I think “racy” is a stretch.

Do you agree with the decision to ban the ad?