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Twilight + Live Comedy in Brooklyn

I love Twilight as you probably know, but I still kind of want to check this out.

The Raspberry Brothers have been mocking the Twilight films since they were released, and the crowds have grown into a healthy mix: those who love hating it, those who hate loving it, and those with no mixed emotions- just straight up Twilighters. And they come together for every Raspberry Brothers show, making Twilight into the next Rocky Horror Picture Show, a campy and interactive movie party. Includes a Twilight-inspired cocktail menu- with different beverages for Team Edward and Team Jacob. Come experience the hype…learn for yourself how surprisingly whiny, self-absorbed, but totally hot, vampire teens are. And, here’s a Twilight Lesson for girls: If a boy tells you he is homicidal and addicted to the scent of your blood, he must be the love of your life. Learn this and many other helpful romance tips.

Want to join me?