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The book I hated the most

Have you ever HATED a book? You know from past posts that I have.

But the first book I can remember ever truly feeling mad about came much earlier in life.

Thanks to an October birthday and my elementary school’s rules for kindergarten enrollment, I was one of the youngest members of my class throughout my education. As a result, I was always among the smallest in stature, but my personality was pretty large. I was a pure extrovert. Continue reading

A list of good reads

Not just books either. Although I’m reading three right now:

  • The Accident – great for fans of Gone Girl (I just finished)
  • We Need New Names – I’m mid-read now but I think that if you liked Little Bee (I did!), you’ll probably enjoy this
  • Improvise – thoughts and stories about career development

Click for photo right info

Other great reads from around ye olde internet: Continue reading

I loathe this book

I loathe this book and yet I forced myself to finish. Do you do that too?

After I finally finished the book (and it felt like ages), I googled the title and the author to see what other people thought. I quickly got the sense that people who liked it didn’t look much past the apparently still-titillating notion of a relationship between two women. I say this because few people commented on the god-awful writing, and the huge holes in both plot and character.

Continue reading

Have you read “A Discovery of Witches”?

My Twitter friend @aestheticsgirl surprised me with a gift: a copy of A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.

“Witches?” I thought, somewhat confused.

“Alchemy?” I worried.

But @aestheticsgirl is a huge reader with excellent taste so I trusted her and dove in. Good move.

What a fascinating read, particularly if you read and liked the Twilight series, but perhaps wished for more from the writing.

The second book in the trilogy comes out on July 10. I pre-ordered for Kindle. These are big books.