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My weird obsession

You know I hate that word, obsessed. But I didn’t know how to give this post a catchy, make-you-want-to-read-it title without including obsession.

And it’s not an addiction like the TV show. I will never ever eat the stuffing of a couch cushion–promise.

My weird thing to do is this: when I see a tiny sink in a New York City restaurant, I take a picture, often with my free hand in the pic for scale.

Motorino, East Village

Motorino, East Village

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I went to LA, ate salads and gained three pounds

People in Los Angeles eat healthy. It rubbed off on me.

Look! Given many choices, I ordered this salad two days in a row.

LA salad

And then in a business meeting, I was offered sandwiches and this salad, and I chose salad. Lots of salad. Continue reading

What We Ate (and Drank): Rehoboth Beach 2014

If you have been reading my posts for a while now, you know I look forward to my annual Rehoboth Beach trips with family and friends. We’re super lazy. A shopping trip to the outlets is about as much energy as we ever expend. And we like it that way.


Frankly I’m saving the learning and cultural exploration for Kenya. My adventure starts this Friday!

This year, I had some great food and drink in Rehoboth and nearby Lewes. If you head that way, this summer here are some places I think you should check out. Continue reading

Weekend Update

I approached this weekend with little planned – in a good way! Business travel Monday and Tuesday had left me feeling a bit tired.

Dinner on Friday with my friend Julie popped up as an option. We had a drink at Jane and then dinner at The Dutch. Very fun catching up.

Via glenwoodnyc.com

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Guest post: Mark Kuller on his favorite Miami eats

Years ago I was dining with my friend Joanne at the bar of our mutual neighborhood favorite, Palena. We had snagged seats, ordered Sidecars and starting perusing the menu when a couple came up behind us.

“Oh great,” we whispered to each other sarcastically, assuming the couple would spend the next twenty minutes ordering drinks over our heads and stalking our bar stools with their eyes.

Instead we made friends, and stayed friends.

The male half of the couple, Mark Kuller, subsequently opened his own restaurants, Proof and Estadio in DC. The much prettier half, Kristin Connor, is Managing Partner of Whisk Gourmet in South Miami at which her brother Brendan is Executive Chef.

The lovely couple married several years ago and splits their time between two cities.

Mark kindly agreed to share Five Great Eats in Miami. Hopefully a guest post by Kristin isn’t far behind!

1. Little oyster sandwiches, caviar and house made blinis at the bar at The Dutch on Miami Beach.

2. Bánh cuốn and Vietnamese chicken curry at Hy Vong in Little Havana.

3. Truffled Roast Chicken and roasted tri-color cauliflower on the patio at Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill in Midtown.

Via Ocean Drive

4.  House made pastrami with a side of the house made kimchi on the patio at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in the Design District.

5. Fried green tomatoes, chicken n’ biscuits, and pretty much everything on the menu at Whisk Gourmet in South Miami/Coral Gables.

If you have Miami favorites, share ’em in the comments.

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Five restaurants I have eaten in recently

It has been a week of great food for me. Next week, it will be mostly salads and trips to the gym!

1. The Goodwin (Greenwich Village, NYC) – I picked it on a whim for a Saturday night dinner with two girlfriends based on nothing more than OpenTable availability, location and a glimpse at the menu. Fortunately The Goodwin was a unanimous hit. We loved the charming – albeit cramped – space, and the menu was fantastic.

Try the pork shoulder ‘pig in a blanket’ or the wonderful burrata.

2. Jockey Club (Guadalajara) – if you go, get the Arrachera steak. It’s similar to the cut we call skirt steak in the U.S. Mine was buttery, rich and tender. They also offer plenty of Mexican delicacies in addition to traditional steakhouse fare. I really enjoyed the grilled cheese appetizer called queso panela.

3. La Tequila (Guadalajara) – Order the queso. Paired with terrific tortillas, I could have made a meal out of just this appetizer. The upstairs dining area is more atmospheric than the main floor, in my opinion.

La Tequila

4. Kestane Kebab (Greenpoint, Brooklyn) – I’m cheating on this one. Using Seamless.com, I had food delivered. So good and a great value. I love the lentil soup, any of the spit roasted chicken items and, of course, baklava.

5. Bann (Midtown Manhattan) – I didn’t get a pic of my dish of noodles and soy-marinated beef (Bann Gooksu) but did snap a shot of my friend’s pork ribs. Quite a platter, and part of Bann’s current Restaurant Week offering. At Bann it was $38 for three courses.

Of course our cocktails, including my soju lemonades, took the price higher.

Dae Ji Kalbi

Where have you eaten recently?

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Five things I want to eat right now

B.E.C. quesadillas (or anything else from the new Xixa which is owned by the same people as the wonderful Traif). Note to @candacearm, it’s pronounced ‘shiksa.’

Butterscotch pudding at Puddin’. Or maybe the Caramel Macchiato. Or both!

Chorizo, sweet potato and kale chip hash@floridagirlindc managed to make kale look tempting to me.

A steak from Peter Luger. I’m so ashamed that I have been living nearby for this long without dining there. In my defense, the one time I tried (2pm on a weekend) it was packed.

More of this pizza. I’ll be begging Mom and Dad for a delivery from Scranton soon.


What are you hungry for?

Why people eat in chain restaurants

This is a soapbox post. Some of you won’t like it.

For the most part, I’m anti-chain.

When I can help it, I don’t frequent restaurants with menus so large that you know some of the food has to be pre-cooked/probably frozen/off the back of a Sysco truck.

I like authenticity, not ‘let’s take the fettucine alfredo & add a fried chicken breast stuffed with more cheese & ham.” By the way, how is a dish with 74 grams of fat ok? I’m looking at you, Olive Garden ‘Tour of Italy.’

I enjoy food prepared and served by local people, not corporations.

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I went to Los Angeles (again)

And this is where I ate

Mercato di Vetro – really wonderful from the burrata to spaghetti carbonara. Save room for dessert. We made the mistake of not doing so.


The Blvd – one of several dining options at the Beverly Wilshire. Have a Brazilera, but perhaps not five of them. True fact: I ate an entire charcuterie platter as my dinner entree. Do not make me get my cholesterol checked until, like, December.

Boa – I was there for a private event with a prix fixe menu so I can’t really say much.

The Foundry on Melrose – it’s located on a grotty block in Hollywood. Look past that and check out the garden/former garage in the back. Even the complimentary popovers are terrific, but try to pace yourself. Grits, hanger steak, scallion pancake with pork belly…we shared dishes but I was still stuffed when I left.

Loteria Grill – an old favorite to which I was introduced by my former roommate. I only regret that my meal there on this trip was a business lunch. No michelada this visit. Boo!

3square – I had a delicious waffle with a college friend at this fun spot in Venice. Now I need to go back for potato pancakes with apples.