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When Rob asked Kristen “can you Kegel?” he couldn’t have known about THIS

Did you know that there’s a Kegel panty. It’s called the PantyO and I blame Twitter for my becoming aware of it.

Please take note that I have never said the word “Kegel” aloud and would never, ever blog about Kegels if not for Rob’s bizarre “can you Kegel?” moment on Ellen.

Let’s revisit the hilarity (circa the 2:10 mark).

Rob should definitely not put the PantyO in KStew’s stocking.

Wonderful song, made extraordinary for Breaking Dawn

The great Iron & Wine song “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” used in Twilight’s prom scene is reprised in Breaking Dawn’s wedding scene. I can’t lie: it’s going to make me teary for sure.

The updated version has been transposed into a higher key and features a slower tempo and looser, less structured arrangement. It’s perfect. Thanks Sam Beam & Co!