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Did you watch Lena Dunham on SNL?

I’m a big fan of Girls so I was eager to see how Lena Dunham would do as host of Saturday Night Live.

Via screencrush.com

She was great!

For me, these were the highlights.

First, SNL does Scandal. Watch it here. The casting is great. Sasheer Zamata is terrific as Olivia Pope and Lena cracked me up as Millennial new hire Kelsey.

Second, Hannah in the Garden of Eden. From the first “Adam?” this is gold.

What did you think?

Mission Accomplished: Attend a Saturday Night Live taping

I’m always excited when I get to cross something off my NYC To Do List. This time it was Item #4: Attend a Saturday Night Live taping.


Even better, I got to attend SNL dress rehearsal for season 39’s premiere hosted by my idol, Tina Fey. The musical guest, Arcade Fire, added to my excitement.

If you are curious about the experience, keep reading. Continue reading

Shame Sex

I think we all have someone in mind. A person we’d hook up with if presented with the opportunity…even if the person isn’t conventionally attractive.

They might even be kind of gross. Or insane. Want to know who I’d have Shame Sex with? Continue reading

My NYC To Do List – Item #4: Attend a Saturday Night Live taping

Each time Saturday Night Live has a host who excites me or a musical guest I love, I think “why haven’t I ever tried to get tickets to a taping?”

Now that I live in NYC again, it’s time to get my act together.

Update: I did it! September 28, 2013

Schweddy Balls? I’ll take a pint. Via @npr.

NPR reports that the classic Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon and Alec Baldwin is now a Ben & Jerry’s flavor.


Schweddy Balls ice cream.


Will you buy some?