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Did you watch Lena Dunham on SNL?

I’m a big fan of Girls so I was eager to see how Lena Dunham would do as host of Saturday Night Live.

Via screencrush.com

She was great!

For me, these were the highlights.

First, SNL does Scandal. Watch it here. The casting is great. Sasheer Zamata is terrific as Olivia Pope and Lena cracked me up as Millennial new hire Kelsey.

Second, Hannah in the Garden of Eden. From the first “Adam?” this is gold.

What did you think?

Twitter Spotlight: Ashley Elgin

It’s coming: The return of Bachelorette on ABC. Desiree‘s season premieres as on May 27.

Some of you love it, some of you don’t so I’m sorry in advance. There will be a lot of Bachelorette tweeting and posting during these next few weeks.

In anticipation of the new season, I wanted to feature college student Ashley Elgin aka @BachelorExpert in the Twitter Spotlight.


OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@BachelorExpert: Smart, funny and someone who brings me down a notch, I usually need it. 

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Proof Kerry Washington can act

You know Kerry is my girl crush.

Before Scandal and Django Unchained (which I still haven’t seen), there was Save the Last Dance. Yep, Kerry was teen mom Chenille.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyxW1SxFqzk Continue reading

Can we talk about Meagan Good’s eyebrows?

What’s going on here?

Also, when NBC ads for Deception began airing, I honestly thought Deception was a made for TV movie starring Kerry Washington that had been in the can for a while but revived due to the popularity of Scandal.

I remember Meagan Good being sexy (if perhaps overdone), but in these shots she is no Kerry Washington. If I hear anyone put the two women in the same class, I will object.

But I digress…

Those eyebrows? All wrong.


Do you watch Scandal on ABC?

I do, sort of. When Scandal first started airing, I watched it but with one eye on a book or my laptop, all the while feeling guilty for not paying attention.

Why feel guilt? Because I adore Kerry Washington. Total girl crush.

What got me to pay attention wasn’t the show really, but a song: The Album Leaf’s “The Light” which you can listen to here.

The song is first heard around the 23 minute mark of the episode “The Trail.” The scenes between Kerry Washington’s character Olivia and that of Tony Goldwyn who plays the President (previously a Governor) are incredibly hot, even if you, like me, don’t find Mr. Goldwyn 100% compelling. I put him at about 75%. But still.

Just watch.