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The vacation after the vacation (but before the vacation)

I didn’t intend to take last week off from blogging – swear. But I got back from Florida and that’s what happened.


I effectively took a blog vacation after this vacation and before an upcoming work trip to Los Angeles and then the Jamaican vacation when Candace and Jay get married.

So. What have I been doing? Lots. Tons and tons of important stuff. Continue reading

Say cheese: me in front of the camera

Once in a while, a gal (or a guy) needs a photo-that-isn’t-a-selfie.


For professional reasons, for a web site, for whatever. Having a good picture of your face that someone other than you took is generally a useful thing. Continue reading

I want Botox

Just a little.


Right between my eyebrows.


I generally feel fine about how I’m aging. But that crease near the start of my left eyebrow has been bugging me recently.

One thing holding me back? Spending money frivolously. Kenya is $$$$.

Have you tried Botox? Good experience/bad experience?

Obviously these are my PRE Brazilian Blowout pics.

Mom’s Shakeweight

When I discovered Mom owns a Shakeweight, I was upset enough to tweet about it.

Some of you might have missed out so here I am trying it out. I was pretending it was heavy but really I just felt awkward.

And here I am doing my best Magritte impression.

When I went to Scranton for Thanksgiving, I found that the Shakeweight was still there. Mom stores it in my bedroom. No idea.

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I once had short hair

As college ended, I thought I needed to cut my hair into something resembling sophistication. Somehow I ended up with this:

I cried about it (OK, a LOT). I had dreams about having my old long hair. And now, when I get tired of long-ish hair, I remind myself that I was miserable with short hair.