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The old neighborhood

I lived in Greenwich Village for two years – 1999-2001. That’s where I was on September 11, in fact.

I left, moving to DC, just as things were starting to change rapidly. The website Vanishing New York has an excellent summary.

Are cupcakes to blame or is this just the nature of New York?

Via lovescool.com

I’m glad to say a few of my old hangouts are still in business including Po and Bar Pitti. And further to the east, Swift.

I have a crush on…

Blair Underwood.

Shamefully I admit that I’m late to the party on him. I didn’t watch L.A. Law, and although I liked him (a lot) on Sex and the City, the pairing with Cynthia Nixon’s character Miranda was just too much of a stretch for me.

But I loved his nine episodes as Mr. Harris on The New Adventures of Old Christine, a quirky sitcom with a stellar cast that I thought deserved a bigger audience. Then again, given my affinity for awkward heroines like Bridget Jones and Liz Lemon, liking Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Christine Campbell was a no-brainer for me.

In People Magazine, Blair talked about having to take his shirt off daily in his role in the Broadway revival of A Streetcar Named Desire. I might have to check that out…