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Steakhouse discrimination #mockhorror

I’m grateful to Eva Longoria (no Parker) for pointing out that traditional steakhouses have been doing me a disservice. I had no idea that I was eating sexist meat.

To correct that, Ms. Longoria is opening a women-friendly steakhouse in that feminist hub of Las Vegas. I learned this via US Weekly.

What does it all mean? Will my steak arrived wrapped in a designer bow? With a side of sexy booties? I’m so confused.

As much as I love pink, I like my meat red and I have no interest in a 2 oz steak with a side of undressed lettuce. Perhaps SHe won’t be for Me.


One morning, I spotted this sign as I walked to my office.

I did a double take and then decided to go back to snap a photo.

A woman working in the salon saw me taking a pic and came out to try to entice me to get my hair done.

“Actually I was more curious about the complimentary scalp massage for men, but not women.”

She walked back into the salon muttering to an unseen coworker “stupid girl.”