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What we ate: Rehoboth Beach (Part 2)

Given that this was my longest trip to Rehoboth in years, we covered a lot of ground. Click here for Part 1

For breakfast, if I didn’t eat at the beach house, I’d most often go to Dave & Skippy’s for a bagel sandwich or stop by Gallery Espresso where I like the French toast and my friend liked the gluten-free options (although her eggs arrived cold).

I always make a trip to The Cultured Pearl. Like a lot of Rehoboth restaurants, the menu is enormous including Japanese, Thai and other dishes. They try to be all things to all people.

That said, I just about always enjoy my meal. I usually skip the entrees and make a meal of sushi, edamame (spicy please!) and an appetizer or two.

This year, The Cultured Pearl offered live entertainment in the form of Shaun Hopper. I’m not sure who liked him better: Mom or Dad.

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