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Summer of Suck 2.0 – Part Two: Is this really happening?

First, read this.

After I got the news about my adrenal mass, time seemed to both slow down and speed up.

Cedric had paged Surgery for a consult, he told me before leaving the hospital at 8pm, the end of his shift. I had arrived at the ER around 4:30pm and up until this point, I had been given a steady amount of attention and was rarely left alone for long.

But then I was left waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Drunk Bill Cosby alternately bellowed and snored. Nurses and doctors would move my gurney out of the way so they could access one of the computer terminals. A nurse noticed me quietly crying and gave me tissues. Tiny, thin, papery, terrible hospital tissues.

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“Wow, you get sick a lot!”

It started this time with an uncomfortable feeling in my upper chest. Not a tickle, but an urge to clear my throat or maybe lungs. A gritty sensation. Oh no.

That was Monday or Tuesday. By Thursday, I knew I was getting actual-sick and left work mid-afternoon.

“Wow, you get sick a lot,” a coworker said.

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Hopefully your weekend was better than mine

I woke up Friday with the start of a bad cold. At work, a friend gave me her “Wellness” supplement and told me to take all six at once.


I gulped them down and then Googled. Three is the recommended dose. Oops.

Spoiler: I’m still alive.

Saturday was worse so I missed brunch with the visiting Candace and a Halloween party with Eliza. Big bummer x 2.

Eliza loves Halloween. Check out her costume.

While I love my apartment, on a sunny weekend, it’s not the best place to be sick. So bright. I should invest in a sleep mask.

I watched a lot of Law & Order.

Make me jealous: tell me about your weekend. What’s your Halloween costume?