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Am I a cautionary tale?

I never craved marriage. As a kid, the marriages around me didn’t seem like something to hope for. To aspire to.

As I remember it, my parents fought (a lot).

A good day

A good day

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Thanks for creeping me out, eHarmony

It’s strange to hear a little girl (one with a speech impediment no less) say “all the hot babes” to her tv grandfather.

Don’t worry. I am single, but wasn’t planning to give those hateful dummies my money.

Is it that hard to find a single, professional 40 year old man?

In a word, yes.

I knew that from my own experiences, but a recent Jeff Probst Show repeat drove the point home.

Jeff had chef and TV personality Devin Alexander on the show to test the skills and approaches of three different matchmakers. Devin is beautiful, successful, apparently personable, 41 years old and apparently needs help in the dating and relationship department.

I can relate.*

*Note: I am not calling myself beautiful, successful, personable or 41, only likening myself to her in the SEND HELP sense.

One matchmaker set her up with a 29 year old man (!) who works in the spirits industry. Career-wise, it’s perfectly legitimate but what 41 year old relationship-seeking woman is going to be psyched to date someone whose job essentially requires him to be out most nights?

There’s also a big difference between 29 and 41 for most people – not all – with regard to life experiences.

Another matchmaker brought in an attractive man who appeared to have a nice demeanor, almost a little shy. I believe he was a tech entrepreneur. He was also 34 years old and lived in Buffalo. Yes, Buffalo.

Is that where the eligible men are hiding? If so, guess I’ll be staying single.

No offense Buffalo.

Reasons I need a boyfriend

There’s a Twilight greeting card on my fridge. In my defense, I didn’t buy it. My friend sent it to me.

I spend way too much time on Twitter.

My sleepwear choices are embarrassing, even to me.

When I’m home alone, I burp loudly and often. It’s probably all of the food I have delivered.

Some Liz Lemon storylines on 30 Rock remind me of myself. Truth be told, lots of them do.

What’s your most embarrassing habit when you’re flying solo?

I’m so single

I’m single. Stubbornly so, if that’s A Thing.

Usually that’s A-OK with me. I have total freedom and flexibility. Nobody to negotiate with – or fight with. No one looking at my computer’s browser history or mocking my Twilight fangirling. No dude questioning the amount of money I spend on dining in restaurants with my friends or dragging me to action movies I don’t want to see.

Although…as my ex-bf used to say, “how ’bout some sex?” And I could use some hugs, kisses and free back rubs too.

(yeah, I went there)

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Your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

A few years ago, I went to a drag show on Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t seeing anyone and a good friend had only recently learned that her long-term boyfriend had been cheating on her…long-term.

A drag show was a damn fine way to spend the night. We had fun.

This year, I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day in Louisville on a business trip. Four or five of us will be having dinner (and many drinks) at an awesome restaurant.

There are worse ways to spend the day. What do you have planned?