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My NYC To Do List – Progress Report

As you may recall, I started My NYC To Do List not long after moving back here after ten years in DC. My attention to The List has been, well, haphazard at best.

But I’m focused now. Ready to tackle stuff and add new To Dos.

1. Check out Sleep No More – accomplished!

2. Eat at Traif – achieved, more than once.


3. See the Radical Camera exhibit – missed. That will teach me to pick things with realistic deadlines. Maybe.

4. Attend a Saturday Night Live taping (Click)

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My NYC To Do List – Item #12: Then She Fell

It has been a while since I did an NYC To Do List post. Item #11 can be found here.

I decided it’s time to add a new one!

Via Third Rail Projects and Time Out

Via Third Rail Projects and Time Out

One of my previous ‘To Dos’ was the interactive theater experience Sleep No More. I thought it was cool, even if it didn’t meet my very high expectations. Continue reading

My NYC To Do List – update

Like a good [former] Girl Scout I have been working hard to tackle my NYC To Do List. For instance, I did this, and this, and this.

Traif for brunch

I liked Item #2 (Traif) so much I have gone more than once.

Two of my To Do List experiences have left me feeling “is that all there is?” unfortunately. Continue reading