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Strictly for the ladies and those who impersonate them.

I have embraced shapewear. Haven’t most women aged thirty-five and up?

With shapewear, there’s no panty lines, minimal jiggling, a reduction in lumps and bumps in the areas you think of as your trouble spots. These are all good things.

I didn’t want a girdle like my late Nana would have worn. I just wanted a little help.

When Spanx hit the market, I was impressed. And so jealous. See, I had been making my own undergarment, cutting the legs off cheap but sturdy pantyhose several inches above the knee. JC Penney hosiery worked great.

Note: the prices on JCP’s web site are for three-packs of hose. That’s right: as little as $4 per pair which explains why I didn’t feel bad taking a new pair of stockings and cutting them up.

Via JCPenney.com

The downsides? There were two.

First, the raw edges would run. This didn’t bother me under my clothes but after three or four wearings, I’d have to throw out my jerry-rigged undergarment.

Second, again without reinforced edges, the legs had a tendency to roll up if I cut them even a smidge too short, creating a situation as awkward to correct in public as a wedgie.

Back to Spanx.

When they came out, I bought the Higher Power version of the Power Panty. The garment felt like more compression than I needed, but I could deal with that. My real complaint was price: $30ish depending on where purchased, which product from the line, etc.

Oh, I also didn’t like the weird open crotch. On a hot day, hello chafing. I’d rather pull the garment down and up and nature calls then use that gaping gusset-thing.


But this post isn’t about slamming Spanx. Instead I want to point out my favorite alternative: Ultimate Waist High Shaper Without Hose by¬†Berkshire.

I guess all of the catchy names were taken. But who cares when you can get this great product for $9.95 – or less on sale, and it’s on sale right now at EssentialApparel.com. I’m totally stocking up.


OneChicklette tested and endorsed.

This isn’t a sponsored post – I just love the product.

Marketing to women #fail

If you don’t have shapewear, do you lack without hope? Wacoal seems to think so. I guess this means that if you need hope you can find it at your area Filene’s Basement.

You’re welcome.

This grooming implement makes big promises: Shape, Trim, Transform.

Duane Reade and CVS, selling metamorphic equipment. Who knew?