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Summer of Suck 2.0 – Part Three: Meet my surgeon

Start by reading Part One and Part Two.

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I met my surgeon – let’s call him Dr. S – the day after my adrenal mass was found. Dr. S is the head honcho of surgery for a big NYC hospital but the only surgeries he does are on adrenal glands. I’m told specialization is a good thing.

As a patient, I have noticed that you tend to be treated differently once you get a scary diagnosis. Impossible scheduling matters are overcome. Receptionists act less frosty (for the most part). My endocrinologist (Dr. E), who has always been terrific, gave me her cell number; I already had her email.

But the mundane parts don’t change. Dr. S’s office isn’t any more high tech than that of my other doctors. And given that he treats people like me all day, every day, Dr. S doesn’t seem all that impressed or concerned with my condition or the impending surgery. I suppose that is a good thing. Continue reading

The Saga Continues

My ankle saga. Although I’ll surely blog about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 soon eventually.

The original orthopedist referred me to a surgeon which was a bummer after two months in Das Boot. Incidentally, the new doctor specializes in dancers and the unique injuries they face. Including using stage names apparently.

ankle form 20121026_093331

I haven’t danced in a long time but it’s cool to see a doctor who understands what it’s like.

He didn’t rush me into surgery. Instead he has given me cortisone injections each of the two times he has seen me. And prescribed more physical therapy.

My reaction was something like @#$#^#$%#@#. As you might imagine six months post-fracture.


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