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How was your weekend?

It was a beautiful – and gluttonous – weekend in NYC. After a work trip that took up most of my week, I was thrilled to get home.

Molly visited. It was so fun to meet her! We ate our way through parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

On Friday, we went big, starting with drinks at the Bowery Hotel. Our two bartenders were most charming.


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Candace came to visit

Having house guests in cities like New York can be challenging. I don’t have a guest room, and on weekends, I’m the laziest person alive.

But there are some friends I’m always happy to have visit. Candace is one of them. We had a lovely catch-up weekend and celebrated her acceptance to graduate school.

We ate bacon doughnuts – and lots of other things – at Traif.


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Weekend recap

I ate and drank here. Gnocchi with truffle butter goes down really well with a Brown Derby or three.

I cooked this. Given that I don’t own a slow cooker, I used my Dutch oven and it came out great. Next time, I’ll use a leaner cut than pork butt (although a tenderloin would be too lean).

I considered buying more flat shoes. 90% of my shoes are heels I still can’t wear.

The inaugural NYC Ironman took place Saturday not long after a “controlled sewage release” north of the City. Even without the sewage, you couldn’t pay me to swim in the Hudson River.

What was the highlight of your weekend?