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Breaking up with Uber

I have never been completely sold on Uber.

I like the slick app for requesting taxis and sedans, yes, but not the mystery price that shows up after the ride is over and the driver is gone. Also, surge pricing.

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More than that, I hate being gouged. Continue reading

Do you Uber?

I was late to the Uber party.

“I’m a New Yorker. A yellow cab is all I need!” I proclaimed loudly and often.

Except sometimes cabs are in short supply. Kind of often actually. There are a lot more people in NYC now than when I lived here the first time. With that in mind, I downloaded the Uber app so that the next time I couldn’t find a cab, I’d be prepared.

Sure enough, the time came to try Uber: I landed at JFK late on a recent Friday night after a long flight home from San Francisco. Sick with bronchitis, I couldn’t face a cab line. Continue reading

NYC: Not For Wimps

As much as I love New York and am still ecstatic to be living here again, I’d be lying if I said it’s a hard place to dwell sometimes.

NYC rain

On a rainy day when something has gone wrong with the subway, and there are no cabs to be found, crying seems like a perfectly appropriate response.

But we deal. And sometimes buy ourselves bodega flowers.


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Lost and Found

Remember the cool new Lodis wallet I bought? I lost it on October 21.

While I can tell you the exact moment I lost it – getting out of a taxi in front of my apartment building as I returned from CA via a red eye – but I can’t tell you how I managed to drop it and not notice during that seven or eight foot long walk to the front door.

About an hour after I returned home, I realized that my wallet wasn’t in my purse. I panicked.

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