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Bad Lip Reading: Twilight New Moon

“I need your hairspray.”

Yes, Jacob. You really do.

I giggled. Did you?


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“I don’t look like Jacob from Twilight”

A guy on YouTube named FREED0MRISING who is fond of posting “how to” videos for men with long hair¬†hates that people think he looks like Jacob from Twilight. So much so that he made a video about it.

I don’t think Taylor Lautner has anything to worry about.

Twilight products are lame (pretty much)

Any adult fan of the Twilight Saga will tell you: there are few things worth buying. The swag is Not Good. We have money to spend but aren’t interested in leaving the house with Edward’s face¬†(as handsome as Rob surely is!) splashed across our chests. This necklace gets filed under I Would Never.

Actually, I kind of like this shirt. Get it?

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