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Endings are hard (TV endings I mean)

I have a weird tendency to not watch the ending of TV series I like. You’ll notice that I didn’t say “habit” but “tendency” because I swear it’s unintentional.

I feel like I may have told you this at some point. Did I? My memory isn’t the greatest right now, still.

To this day, I haven’t watched the finale of 30 Rock, in spite of it being one of my top five favorite shows of all time.

Property of NBC or similar

Property of NBC or similar

Part of that stems from the whole Hazel character introduction because UGH. The rest is me worrying that the ending won’t live up to the show. Continue reading

I love tee vee (just not British TV)

*Downton Abbey excluded.

I’ll never be one of those people who say dismissively “oh, I don’t watch television.” (Or worse, “I don’t own a television.”)

In fact, I can’t even see myself ever giving up cable even though it’s all the rage to do so in favor of some combination of Hulu and Apple TV and online…like, stuff. So much of my TV viewing is done passively–my beloved Law & Order marathons on in the background while I work, blog, sleep, read and pretty much anything else.

Here in London, I’ve been struggling to find something to have on in the background during the times when I’m at my hotel. An American might think British TV would be all Masterpiece Theatre 24/7, right? Continue reading

Late night TV

Staying up past my ‘bedtime’ has been a way of life, all of my life. As much as I love sleep, I happen to like having my sleep start late.

I couldn’t tell you if nature or nurture made me a night owl. My father in particular, loves to stay up late and when I’m in Rehoboth with my family or back home in Scranton, I am shocked if I find my father has gone to sleep before me.

Even in my earliest memories, I exist as a night owl.

When I was a little kid, Dad worked second shift so I spent most nights with Mom and Nana. While Nana would often retreat to her bedroom in the early evening, my goal was to stay downstairs in the den with my TV-watching Mom as late as possible.

I was a good pretender

I was a good pretender

Continue reading

Late to the Nashville party

Do you watch the TV show Nashville?


I tuned in part way through season 2 and although it was clear I had missed a lot of characters’ backstory, I liked Nashville a lot.

On a recent flight, I had the chance to go back to the start of the show thanks to in-flight DIRECTV. I plowed through four or five episodes beginning with the pilot. I was hooked!

But getting caught up was hard. No Hulu, no Netflix and ABC.com only offers a few episodes free. My options for seeing the episodes were Amazon (not included in Prime) or through Verizon FioS for $1.99 per episode (SD; HD is $2.99 and I’m too cheap for that).

Given that ratings for Nashville have not been spectacular, one would think that ABC could throw would-be fans a bone. But no.

Anyway. I am caught up now and looking forward to more Juliette bitchface. Continue reading

Do you watch Masters of Sex?

My favorite new show is Masters of Sex on Showtime. Great characters based on actual human sexuality researchers Masters and Johnson, but with terrific actors and compelling [fictional] plots that reflect the times in which M&J were doing their groundbreaking studies.

Lizzy Caplan via onthedemo.com

In case you haven’t checked out this great show, here’s the trailer. Continue reading

Ode to Jordan Catalano or my ongoing longing for a My So-Called Life reunion

It ended too soon. I have never heard anyone say otherwise about My So-Called Life.

But by only lasting one perfect season – just nineteen awesome episodes – MSCL* never overstayed its welcome. It left fans wanting more, and also with so many questions.

Among them:

Did Jordan become Angela’s boyfriend? If so, how confusing was the sex, how quickly did she outgrow him and how long did it take her to act on that?

When did Rayanne make her first trip to rehab?

Did Brian Krakow marry Angela’s little sister Danielle or Sharon, and did he do so before or after becoming a tech billionaire?

Did Angela’s dad ditch her mom for Hallie Lowenthal?

Did Tino ever show up? He owns a mega-club in Vegas now, right?

Is Rickie happy, wherever he is? I hope so.

Is this picture Claire and Jared as @nymag portrayed or really Angela and Jordan?

Via NYMag.com

My So-Called Life is actually how I first learned about fan fiction.


At Pies & Thighs for brunch with @mfeige recently, we talked about how Claire Danes as Angela was great practice for her Carrie cry face on Homeland. The conversation turned to Rickie Vasquez aka Wilson Cruz and when I got home, I was sure to look him up to see what he’s doing.

The answer is disappointing. Unfortunately a lot of MSCL alumni haven’t found consistent work. Mary Kay Place is a notable exception and of course, Jeff Perry (aka Mr. Katimski) is Cyrus on Scandal.

There is, however, a television festival in Austin coming up that will have a My So-Called Life panel moderated by the lovely Robyn Ross. Wilson Cruz is participating. Who wants to meet me there?

Maybe Netflix could commission a reunion Arrested Development-style? I’ll initiate a Kickstarter. Tomorrow.

*Haven’t seen MSCL? You can watch each episode on Hulu. Please do it so that I have more people with whom to discuss it.

Twitter Spotlight: Pat Kiernan

Pat Kiernan is a news anchor for NY1. Each morning, he updates viewers with news of the day, culled from various newspapers and delivered in his own unique style

Don’t miss his Sh*t Pat Kiernan Says video.

If you don’t live in the New York Metropolitan area, you’ve been missing out, but don’t fret: Pat’s new show Crowd Rules kicked off this week on CNBC.

All photos via Tim Hill

All photos via Tim Hill

OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@patkiernan: Friendship, honesty, passion, persistence.

OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word) Continue reading

Twitter spotlight: Eliza Orlins

You know her from Survivor. I know her thanks to a fun gathering Ashley Spivey hosted to watch The Bachelor.

When I met her, I found Eliza completely intimidating and told her so. I’d be eaten alive on a show like Survivor and her real life job as an attorney is hard core too. She’s a badass (but also a sweetheart).

Without further ado, @eorlins is in the Twitter Spotlight.

OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

Sense of adventure, politically liberal, oh, and hot.

OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word)

Continue reading

You oughta be in pictures, Brooklyn

See these pink signs? They’re all over my immediate neighborhood.

I think pink indicates a movie shoot and other colors indicate commercials or television, but I’m just guessing based on the signs I see.

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