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The best blizzard ever

And you know how I love snow so if I’m saying this was the best snow, I really mean it.

My visitor (he needs a nickname, maybe) made it to NYC before the snow.

We ate here and drank here. And then it snowed, and snowed some more. I loved it.

Snow crop

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My commute changed last week — again.

In a nine month stretch, I have had three different commutes. It’s a little like the first day of school: part exciting, part awkward.

My new office is seriously great, and my gym has a location in the building. But the building is awkwardly located. I have been trying out different ways of getting to the office, experiencing various parts of the MTA‘s seriously overwhelmed bus and train system.

Sigh. But yes, I still love New York.

Why isn’t Erika Christensen getting better big screen roles?

She is spectacular in Traffic, one of the eight or so DVDs I own and thus in heavy rotation given that Time Warner Cable won’t set me up for another week. As a result, I am wondering why Erika Christensen hasn’t had better film roles.

I watch her on Parenthood where I think she’s largely wasted (not to mention miscast).

She has kept a very low profile. Googling “Erika Christensen” only turns up a smattering of information including the fact that she is a Scientologist.

These are the things I contemplate when I should be doing things like, oh, unpacking my new apartment.