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My NYC To Do List – Progress Report

As you may recall, I started My NYC To Do List not long after moving back here after ten years in DC. My attention to The List has been, well, haphazard at best.

But I’m focused now. Ready to tackle stuff and add new To Dos.

1. Check out Sleep No More – accomplished!

2. Eat at Traif – achieved, more than once.


3. See the Radical Camera exhibit – missed. That will teach me to pick things with realistic deadlines. Maybe.

4. Attend a Saturday Night Live taping (Click)

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Candace came to visit

Having house guests in cities like New York can be challenging. I don’t have a guest room, and on weekends, I’m the laziest person alive.

But there are some friends I’m always happy to have visit. Candace is one of them. We had a lovely catch-up weekend and celebrated her acceptance to graduate school.

We ate bacon doughnuts – and lots of other things – at Traif.


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Five things I want to eat right now

B.E.C. quesadillas (or anything else from the new Xixa which is owned by the same people as the wonderful Traif). Note to @candacearm, it’s pronounced ‘shiksa.’

Butterscotch pudding at Puddin’. Or maybe the Caramel Macchiato. Or both!

Chorizo, sweet potato and kale chip hash@floridagirlindc managed to make kale look tempting to me.

A steak from Peter Luger. I’m so ashamed that I have been living nearby for this long without dining there. In my defense, the one time I tried (2pm on a weekend) it was packed.

More of this pizza. I’ll be begging Mom and Dad for a delivery from Scranton soon.


What are you hungry for?

My NYC To Do List – update

Like a good [former] Girl Scout I have been working hard to tackle my NYC To Do List. For instance, I did this, and this, and this.

Traif for brunch

I liked Item #2 (Traif) so much I have gone more than once.

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Brunch at Traif

Remember my dinner at Traif in Brooklyn? I followed it up with brunch there Sunday.

No surprise: it was fantastic.

When micheladas are on the menu, I can’t say no

We ate sitting in the solarium. It has a lovely view of the garden.

I regret not getting a pic of the chilaquiles. They were amazing. So was the strawberry pancake.

I tried to contain my enthusiasm given that a gluten-free friend was at the table

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My NYC To Do List – Item #2: Eat at Traif

A lot of my To Do list is focused eating my way through my new neighborhood. One such place, cheekily called Traif, is dedicated to all things porcine, and lots of shellfish all in a neighborhood with a large Jewish population.

But then…Oops!, I ate at Traif before I could post about it. Can I still count it as a To Do List post?

Hey, it’s my blog. I can do what I want.

And Traif was amazing. And reasonably priced. And hot thanks to the open kitchen in the small kitchen. But still amazing.

Highlights included bacon-wrapped blue cheese-stuffed dates served atop wilted greens. Not a dish that broke new ground, no, but delicious just the same. So were BBQ short rib sliders with sweet potato fries. Perfectly executed.

Save room for dessert. We had two: bacon doughnuts with ice cream and a butter rum budino that I’ll be thinking of for days, or at least until a return visit. Expect that to happen sooner rather than later.