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Nude lips

It works for some. Great examples here via ImNotBarbie and below.


Not for all. Sadly, I’m in the Not camp. Without lip color, I look like a cadaver.

I asked makeup pro Raychel Wade for insights.

“I love a nude lip!  Personally it’s my favorite look.  And if fact, often times it can make you look more youthful.  I know that some people feel like a corpse with it on, so here’s a trick.  Pull your bottom lip out and match a lipstick the inside skin color of your lip.  Weird, I know.  But if you feel too pale in a true nude this will give you a close, natural option!”
I need to try this.  If you do, let me know in the comments how it goes.

Weird trend: enormous, thick scarves

Had I known it was going to be a big trend in 2012 (and did I not find said trend ridiculous), I would have saved all of the lovely afghans my wonderful Nana knitted and crocheted during my childhood.

Note: I spotted the woman above on a day when temperatures hit 60. It was probably 50 at this point.



Nana and I could have made a killing on Etsy.