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New favorite ad: P3

I love the part where the woman at yoga says “she’s fine.”

Note: I’m not endorsing P3 as I haven’t tried it. Just liked the ad.

I get sick of things fast

Things get on my nerves. Specifically, I’m talking about word trends. Expressions.

Does that make me an irritable brat?  Perhaps.


Here’s a list of phrases I’d ban if I were the boss of everything.

  • I DIE. Because you didn’t. You’re still here and tweeting. I see you in my timeline–at least for now.
  • Rise and grind. On my grind. Anything grind unless you’re talking about coffee beans.

  • All of the… Give me ALL OF THE COFFEE. I have ALL OF THE FEELS. That.
  • I can’t. Even though sometimes there’s really no more applicable phrase.
  • Obsessed. You probably just really like it.
  • This _____ is everything. This cookie is everything. This picture is everything.
  • All the feels.
  • My ovaries are exploding. If that really happened, I think you’d be in far too much pain to tweet, right?

I realize that soon I will hate every word and phrase. The world might even fall silent. Is that such a bad thing?

What word or phrase would you ban?

I bought it: Ash Wedge Sneakers

First I made fun of them and said “ugh.” But at some point my feelings changed.

I bought a pair of Ash wedge sneakers which means the trend is officially over, right?

Still, I think I’m in love. I want more colors.

I had big hair

…and for quite a while.

Presented for your entertainment:

I’m the brunette wearing the herringbone chain.

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Baby Name Trends

I’m fascinated by baby name trends. I scorn every made up name that hits the top ten, and enjoy digging around to see what might have prompted a new name to trend.

Maybe it’s because I grew up with such a common name: Jennifer. My mother, like a lot of women who were pregnant in the first half of the 70s, read the book “Love Story.” She also saw the movie a few times.

Role call in each childhood class and swimming sounded a lot like “Jennifer A.? Jennifer D.?” and so on.

As a result, each time a big celebrity announces her new baby’s name, I sigh and think “here we go again.” Some make it easy on the general population by choosing something off the wall like Bronx Mowgli.

But can trendy names truly be avoided?

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“I’m from the South, so drinking during the day is not new to me”

Via @nytimes:

BRUNCH, an occasion for flapjacks, Bloody Marys and meandering conversation, is traditionally the most sluggish of meals. But a smorgasbord of clubby New York restaurants have transformed lazy midday gatherings into orgies of overindulgence with blaring music, jiggling go-go dancers and bar tabs that mushroom into five figures.

I think I might be too old for this. But if asked to try it once, I won’t say no. Any takers?