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Recent favorites

Start the year with a smile.

What’s your favorite tweet that went largely unnoticed?

It’s hard to guess what makes people react to your tweets. What makes them mark it as a favorite or retweet or reply “that’s funny.”

For example, I thought this was amusing.

Bach tweet 2

But some of you liked this one a lot better.

bach tweet

I still don’t get it. But I’m glad you tolerate me, particularly on Bachelorette nights.

It’s happening #bachelorette

Tonight The Bachelorette begins anew.

Just for fun, you should go to Ashley Spivey’s web site Say No to Cosmo and fill our a bracket before the first rose ceremony.

Via SayNotoCosmo.com


As in past seasons, consider this either a reminder to tune in, or a warning that you will *hate* my tweets each Monday night until Emily finds love and/or breaks many hearts.