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People are naming their babies Renesmee

It’s true: people are naming their baby Renesmee after the child Edward and Bella have in Breaking Dawn.

Can you imagine?

Via BabyNames.com

Via BabyNames.com

A blogger named Nancy called it a “car crash of a name” here. Yes, Nancy. Well put.

I love Twilight, but I would never.


What’s the worst baby name you’ve ever heard? Have you ever tried to talk someone out of naming their kid something you hated?

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Twitter Spotlight: Kate Spencer

Kate Spencer secured the high regard of Twilight fans long before she wrote The 10 Things I’ll Miss Most About Twilight: A Love Letter. Back in ’09, she analyzed Rob and Kristen’s body language at Comic-Con just like we did.

Unlike most of us, though, Kate has spent time with the lovely Kristen. #jealous

Kate and Kristen

Kate, who is pregnant with her second baby, is hilarious. Even the Huffington Post says so. You should follow her on Twitter if you somehow aren’t already.

I’m so excited to feature her here in the Twitter Spotlight.

OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@KateSpencer: Possessive, insanely attractive, 108 years old, sparkle-y. Just kidding (Twilight humor LOLZ). My husband pretty much sums it up: patient, funny, bright, passionate, able to clean up cat vomit and exploding baby diapers.

OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word)

@KateSpencer: Emotional.

OneChicklette: What you appreciate most in your friends

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Twitter Spotlight: Lee MacDougall

Watch out for this Lee MacDougall guy. He is a singer who also plays guitar. And he’s British. A shaggy haired Brit.
Aren’t most of us suckers for that combination?
OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest
@LeeMacDougall: Someone who knows who she is. Confidence. Someone who isn’t afraid to flirt a little with danger. Sense of humour, but doesn’t laugh when I take my shirt off. Determination, good hair, soft hands and a great smile.
OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word)
@LeeMacDougall: Tomfoolery.
OneChicklette: What you appreciate most in your friends

Twitter Spotlight: Rey Moralde

If you follow @TheNoLookPass (aka Rey aka Rey-Rey), you get what you expect. Sort of.

While there’s lots of basketball given that Rey is a basketball blogger, you might also find him live-tweeting Twilight or musing on his love for the Spice Girls or any number of other subjects.

Rey, you’re a versatile man!

Here we go…

OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@TheNoLookPass: Sense of humor. I love laughing and I love to make people laugh (even though I’m probably one of the corniest guys you’ll ever know). I want her to be easygoing. Not too much of a partier but knows how to do it. And I hope she’s able to put up with me. Basically, the girl next door.

Oh, duh. She has to be hot, too. What can I say? I’m shallow.

OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word)

@TheNoLookPass: Friendly!

OneChicklette: What you appreciate most in your friends

@TheNoLookPass: Just the fact that they listen when I tend to ramble on and on.

OneChicklette: Your idea of happiness

@TheNoLookPass: Being with people that are having a great time on whatever we’re doing. We could be on the dinner table laughing about our stupid jokes about pop music, doing karaoke, or sitting around just exchanging stories.

OneChicklette: Your idea of misery

@TheNoLookPass: Sick and being alone.

OneChicklette: Your favorite fictional character Continue reading

Reasons I need a boyfriend

There’s a Twilight greeting card on my fridge. In my defense, I didn’t buy it. My friend sent it to me.

I spend way too much time on Twitter.

My sleepwear choices are embarrassing, even to me.

When I’m home alone, I burp loudly and often. It’s probably all of the food I have delivered.

Some Liz Lemon storylines on 30 Rock remind me of myself. Truth be told, lots of them do.

What’s your most embarrassing habit when you’re flying solo?

Why does my heart feel so bad?

With apologies to Moby.

This happened. Their chemistry was palpable.

And this happened. It was fun to question what it meant, if anything. I mean, they’re not people we actually know.

Time passed and then this happened. We didn’t know them personally, of course, but it was fun to see two young, gorgeous people in love.

Sadly this also happened leading to a statement being released that said this:

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.  This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

I feel creepy for caring, but yeah…I do.