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Is this bathroom nicer than Amanda Bynes’?


Maybe a little. Not much though.

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Twitter Spotlight: Isaiah Mustafa

You know him as Old Spice Guy or from his film and TV roles, but there’s a lot more to Isaiah Mustafa.

Physically? This is a gorgeous man. But the way his heart comes through in his words, that’s what makes him spectacular in my opinion.

Here’s Isaiah in the Twitter Spotlight.


OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word)

@isaiahmustafa: Compassion

  OneChicklette: What you appreciate most in your friends

@isaiahmustafa: I have a very diverse group of friends. I like differences in people. I’m very lucky to know some interesting folk. The one thru-line in my relationships with people I call friends is that we accept each other for who we are without judgement.

  OneChicklette: Your idea of happiness

@isaiahmustafa: Happiness is a warm festive night with family, good food, good music and good people.

OneChicklette: Your idea of misery

@isaiahmustafa: Misery for me is hatred and ignorance. 

OneChicklette: Your favorite fictional character

@isaiahmustafa: Your favorite fictional character There are so many and it changes day to day. But today it’s General “Buck” Turgidson from the film Dr. Strangelove

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Los Angeles tweet-up?

Lovely people, I will be in Los Angeles for a week soon.

While much of my time there is full of W-O-R-K, I’m wondering if we might do a tweet up the Friday night September 21 or Saturday afternoon September 22.

If you like this idea, comment below or tweet me.

Maybe it’s a happy hour, or brunch or casual lounging on the beach. I’m open.

Twitter spotlight: Holly MacKenzie

I have met incredible people through Twitter and I have decided I need to share them — lucky you! First up, the lovely and talented Holly MacKenzie aka @stackmack.
OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest
StackMack: Conversation, kindness and passion. If there can’t be some serious word play, I lose interest quickly regardless of the other things they’re bringing to the table. It’s cliche to say, but seeing how they treat the people around them. From the way they talk about their friends, to how they interact with taxi drivers, servers and strangers on the street, kindness owns my soul. People who are passionate about what they do or are trying to do make me swoon. Whatever you love, chase it. I love those people. I also love forearms and calves. Weird, I know.
OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word!)

Book Girl After Dark

Do you follow @bookgirl96? If not, you must. Books are only one part of what she tweets about.

On an average day, she – Kathleen Schmidt – is more interesting, informative and entertaining than 99% of the people I follow on Twitter. By day, Kathleen is a successful publicist with her own business.

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When friends visit

Last week during the heat wave, I got to see my friend Eimear and have an amazing dinner at Frankies 570. That’s Frankies version of a Hemingway daiquiri in Eimski’s hand below.

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Robert Pattinson: still not on Twitter

From the Orlando Sentinel:

It appears someone took over the account [@OSCaseyAnthony] during the weekend and changed passwords as well as the email account used to create it. For a while this week, 40,000 followers to OSCaseyAnthony saw a feed from someone claiming to be Robert Pattinson, the actor who plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie series.

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