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NYC bathrooms. Focus on Boqueria

You don’t need me to describe New York City’s beloved attractions. Even if you have never visited New York City, you have surely seen the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and others depicted on TV or in film, or perhaps on the internet.

But what about real life in the Big Apple? Do you wonder about that?

I’m talking about bathrooms, people. And I find them hilarious (sometimes). Sometimes they’re appalling. Often they’re hard to find unless you’re willing to stand in line at Starbucks.

But worse, NYC bathrooms are often down a long, narrow, steep flight of stairs. Or so tiny you can barely turn yourself around, like on a Greyhound bus. Or both. This can even be true in nice restaurants, which is probably when I find the situation most interesting.

Example 1: Boqueria’s SoHo location (pictured above and below)

I included my hand in the second picture to give you a sense of scale.

Boqueria has two individual restrooms from what I can tell. Both are carved out of an area behind the kitchen. Can you imagine the process of constructing that little nook where the toilet resides?