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The weirdest thing I’ve found on the internet (recently)

It’s this. Definitely this.


It’s the one thing – apparently – that Amazon does not sell.

If you buy one, please don’t send me a picture. PLEASE.

Another gift idea here.

I try not to bore you but…

Search terms are like dreams: the only ones people care about are their own. The only people who get dream analysis from me are my nearest and dearest, you hear?

But this one was too bizarre not to share.


What the what?!

PS I *did* meet Chrissy Teigen, and I did post about Aaron Paul so the search terms are not totally screwy.

NYC. Weird and wonderful.

Can I explain this? No. I can’t. Not without the help of Google.


He stood still like a statue for the minute it took me to walk by, turn back to take pictures and then continue on my way home.

Nice meeting you, Matt Silver.

Ways I’m weird

I hate cucumbers. I don’t want them in my salad or in my¬†cocktail. I definitely don’t want cucumbers in my ice water. Beyond the taste, I get heartburn just thinking about cucumbers.

Via BarefootandFrolicking.com

I like cake. I love ice cream. I loathe ice cream cake. It represents the best of neither.

I have never seen Star Wars. Or the original Footloose. Continue reading

The strangest web site you will see today, guaranteed #nsfw

I have been trying to determine why a post about Ryan Gosling several months ago is generating a spectacular amount of traffic to my little blog.

Instead, I found this web site. I’m not suggesting you click the link. The site is most definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I repeat NSFW. This post is not an endorsement.

I do, however, wish for someone to share my pain having viewed it so if you do visit the site, please let me know in the comments so we can commiserate and share sentiments like “OMG, NO.”