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This gluten-free thing…

I woke up, filled with dread. This day had loomed in my mind like a dark cloud on a distant horizon.

I rolled out of bed and left my apartment, still wearing the clothes in which I slept. Turning the corner, I walked into Swallow Cafe and evaluated the pastry selection.

Where were the weird gluten-free pastries I had seen just last week — and turned up my nose at? Not at Swallow, apparently.

Starbucks pastries via EatAtState.com

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All things gluten-free

The jury is still out but I may have to go gluten-free in the near future. You can guess how I feel about that possibility.


In the meantime, I’m doing some research.

So far, it’s breakfast that concerns me the most. I love French toast, and regular toast, and pancakes. Breakfast would appear to require the most sacrifice.

Desserts worry me too, although if Scranton-area bakeries are even offering gluten-free treats, I might be OK.

I found an amazing list of restaurants with good gluten-free offerings in Austin via ATX Gluten Free.

NYC is a good place to live if you have to be gluten-free.

Are you gluten-free? What’s your biggest challenge?