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This post is strictly for the ladies

I am always reading articles and books and tweets and such about how I can Live My Best Life, particularly as a Woman in Business.

Via Memeguy

In particular, I love to learn about negotiating tactics and career development. I know not to be afraid to ask for what I deserve, but I get tripped up on this: the other side has to be open to hearing me.

There have been times when I have spoken clearly about what I am seeking, only to be labeled “aggressive” and “confident.” What he (and it’s always been a he) meant was “cocky” or “arrogant.” It was not a compliment, I felt sure.

Recently Ellen Pao, interim CEO of Reddit, announced that the company has eliminated salary negotiation from the hiring process in an effort to address the gender wage gap.

Acknowledging this is key. From Pao:

Men negotiate harder than women do and sometimes women get penalized when they do negotiate.

But part of me worries that this is akin to teaching women how to avoid being raped instead of telling men not to rape. Shouldn’t we all just learn that it’s normal to have women ask for what we’re worth?

What do you think?

You can keep your low-rise jeans and your jeggings

Clearly Gap doesn’t read my blog. If they did, they’d know how I feel about jeggings. At my age and all.

I don’t wear jeggings. I have tried them on and felt like an anatomical model.

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Can we talk about Meagan Good’s eyebrows?

What’s going on here?

Also, when NBC ads for Deception began airing, I honestly thought Deception was a made for TV movie starring Kerry Washington that had been in the can for a while but revived due to the popularity of Scandal.

I remember Meagan Good being sexy (if perhaps overdone), but in these shots she is no Kerry Washington. If I hear anyone put the two women in the same class, I will object.

But I digress…

Those eyebrows? All wrong.


UPDATE below. And another on January 22, 2015

This is the creepiest story I have heard in a long time.

Would-Be Cannibal Cop

The suspect is a married cop with an OK Cupid profile, no less.

Via Gawker, the would-be cannibal cop is a prison chef. Oddly, his mom seems proud:

“He has mastered making pizza,” his mother, Elizabeth Valle, told the Daily News. The pizza is so good, she said, even the jail guards like to eat it.

What the hell?


The latest:

Apparently the would-be cannibal was on Match.com until recently when the company pulled his profile.

The highlights: he was looking for someone “non-judgmental” and a little kinky. He reportedly listed cooking as a favorite hobby.

OMG. Beware, women.


Steakhouse discrimination #mockhorror

I’m grateful to Eva Longoria (no Parker) for pointing out that traditional steakhouses have been doing me a disservice. I had no idea that I was eating sexist meat.

To correct that, Ms. Longoria is opening a women-friendly steakhouse in that feminist hub of Las Vegas. I learned this via US Weekly.

What does it all mean? Will my steak arrived wrapped in a designer bow? With a side of sexy booties? I’m so confused.

As much as I love pink, I like my meat red and I have no interest in a 2 oz steak with a side of undressed lettuce. Perhaps SHe won’t be for Me.

Writing, culture, food

You already know I love food.

I assume you have figured out that I enjoy writing. Doesn’t everyone with a blog?

But culture…I can see how you might have guessed that my only culture was snark. Not true though!

If you’re not already familiar with my friend Monica Bhide, let me introduce you to this amazing writer, chef, teacher, wife and mother.* Monica manages to combine all of these wonderful things, and make a living from it.

Today, Monica’s new ebook “In Conversation with Exceptional Women” will be available for purchase for $4.99 on BN.com, Amazon.com and other ebook dealers. Fifty women participated including @ruthreichl, @carlahall, @padmalakshmi and @VivianSchiller.

*Also author, engineer, world traveler and so many other things.